söndag, november 14, 2010

50 Days

Until today we have been living in Mia's little cottage for 49 days, and it's 50 days today util we will move (hopefully - one never knows) to the new condo in Förslöv.
Bertil and I were checking out how far the builders had come yesterday, and down below you're able to see the difference in about one month. Perhaps not much but we were peeking inside the windows, and it's moving on there too.
 The Patio-side (south) 17 September.

 The Patio, 13 November.

 The entrance side (north), 30 October.

 The entrance side, 13 November.

Closeup on the entrance side, 30 October.

Closeup on the entance side, 13 November.


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