torsdag, november 04, 2010

Street Smart

Can anyone tell me what Street Smart means/stand for? I've heard that word several times this week and I've tryed to find something sane minded on the Internet about this expression.
What I've understand it has to do with some kind of common/good sense.
On Urban Dictionary there's 11 different explanations, but what do you think it means?


Kram Eva
A "Street Smart" thing?

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helianthe sa...

Basically, it means you are clever,
quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas and your skills.

Judy sa...

Well, it also means that you see the world as it truly is: you understand what is truly meant by something that is said and if someone has an ulterior motive, you can see it and not be duped! We often say that Barker has no street smarts because he will walk out in front of cars if he is not on his leash....that is the very basic idea. When I am walking alone in Atlanta, I must have my street smarts, and be aware of my surroundings, so as not to invite someone to grab my purse. Street smart means that you know your way around in the world, and you are not naive.
That's what I think!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you both "helianthe" and Judy for explaining to me.

Your ideas how to interpret this expression is in good agreement with what I have understood its meaning.