torsdag, oktober 14, 2010

Views from the Cottage

Some views from the cottage we are living in.

 Laholmsbukten (bay) with Halmstad in the background.

 The cottage.

 Cows who are fighting.

 Little Fiffi.

 Paulina and Tor...

...and a colony of sheep.

Have a nice day!
Kram Eva

2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Oh Eva, what lovely pictures! I have been busy doing work for my class ALL DAY today, and was pleased to look over at my computer and see that you have been posting to your blogs! As you may know, I cannot post pictures right now, so today I have been doing other busy work before I go back to San Antonio in early November.
I will send you a few pictures of Kristin and Dave. His family had a 'shower' for them last weekend, and I took a lot of photographs. Not too much longer now!
Are you all settled into your little cottage? Do you feel like you are on a holiday? How is your new house coming along?


* M E T T E * sa...

Looks nice :-)

The oil bottles you asked about is bought at Lågprisladan, 39 kr/st a cuople of years ago!