söndag, oktober 03, 2010

Time to blog

At last I've some time to write a small note on my blog. The last two weeks has been very hectic for me, but now I’m able to sit down and exhale for a while. We have been moving and moving and moving…

This last Tuesday and Wednesday I was so tired that I hardly knew my own name. Thursday at 3 PM we handed over our house to the new owner. One could think that I should feel some kind of remorse, but I actually didn’t felt anything more than relief, and so did Bertil. I asked him what he felt and he said that he also was relieved.

So…now we have been living at 35 square meters since Monday night and that’s really ok (we moved on Monday afternoon so I then could clean the house properly).

The first night in my sisters little cottage I couldn’t sleep at all because my bed was too hard. The next morning I fixed up two thin mattresses from my sister, and since then I’ve slept like a princess. My bed looks a little bit like the bed in the fairytale “The Princess and the Pea”.

Have a nice Sunday!


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Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Hoppas ni finner er tillrätta i Maries lilla "cottage", och att du sover bättre i fortsättningen! Bilden av "prinsessan på ärten" var verkligen välfunnen!

Att flytta, det är ingenting för veklingar, minsann! Jag känner så väl igen mig från min egen flytt i mars 2002. Passa på att vila ordentligt nu innan ni skall dra vidare till ert nya fina radhus!

Kram från kusinen i Stockholm