fredag, september 24, 2010


That's what it's doing in our house right now. The house is almost emptied. There's just the most nenecessary things left. We are leaving the kitchen table, some chairs and two couches for the new owner. We don't want them in our new home so there will be some new furnitures little by little. I want to have totally different furnitures from what we have had.
A new IKEA has opened in Helsingborg, so I think we will have a look there when the time comes for moving in to our new apartment sometimes in January, 2011.

This is how far they have come with "our" house. There's a roof anyway, but not much more at the moment ;-)

A real building place. Mudd and scaffolds (and Bertil).

This is how it will look from the main entrance...

... and this is from the patio side.

Hope you will have a nice weekend!
Kram Eva

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