tisdag, mars 29, 2011

Pain, cold and a nasty cough

Pain, cold and a nasty cough is what I have to put up with right now. Not surprising perhaps, since Agnes and Tintin have been very ill last week. Now they are on the mend (thankfully), but it was a bit dramatic last Tuesday when Tintin had a seizure due to a rapid temperature decrease. Hopefully, it was both the first and last time he should have to experience something like that. Both children and parents did see a doctor to get a helping hand. Agnes had a severe respiratory infection and had antibiotics. Tintin did not need any medicine.

Otherwise, life has been about as usual, except that my husband also has a cold and coughs a lot.
Today he was on his usual MRI screening on Ängelholm's hospital, which is made about every three months.
We will get the result from this screening next week, 6 April, when he's (we) going to Lund to visit his doctor at the neurological section.

It is equally unpleasant each time before we get to know what it looks like inside Bertil's head. It's a little more than three years now, since we got to know about his brain tumor, so he has made a several of these screenings by now. He had unfortunately one set-back about a year ago when the tumor started to grow again. Then he had to start with chemotherapy monthly for five days each time. Since then it hasn't change. So far so good! Knock on wood!

The weather is still cold here, but fortunately we haven't got more snow anyway. The sun is peeping through now and then, but not more than a day now and then.
As we use to say:
"He who waits for something good never waits too long".

Have a nice day!
Kram Eva

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Judy sa...

Hope you both feel better soon! AND I hope the results from B's latest MRI are good!