lördag, april 16, 2011

Well at last!

Bertil and I have had some kind of influenza. I think it was our grandchildren who “gave” it to us. I started and then I probably transferred it to Bertil.
Poor guy, he ended up at the infection clinic in Helsingborg for three days about two weeks ago. He had difficulties with his breathing and was really sick. He had got the flu and a mild pneumonia.
I have had a prolix coughing and also a stubborn sinusitis, and an aching tooth (probably the root canal). I went to three doctors and the third gave me – at last- antibiotics.
Yes I know, I shouldn’t take antibiotics more than necessary, but I know my self, and when the pain from my head gets unbearable it’s time for medicine!
I had used nasal spray with cortisone for nearly 14 days without any improvement, so it was time for stronger medical supplies.
Now we are getting better and better for each day, but this has been the worst cold we have had ever!
Further on I think we have to be more careful when we know the children or someone else for that matter, are sick in any way, or are having colds.
Bertil is getting more and more vulnerable for this kind of infections because of his illness and all the treatments he gets.
Well, the main thing is that we are getting better, and I’m really optimistic because the spring is on its way here in the northern parts of the world – AT LAST! We have had winter for six month, and for a short time I thought it would stay that way for ever and ever.
So, now I’m hoping for a long nice spring. That’s the time of the year that I like the most. Not to hot and not to cold, and everything is new and fresh in the nature. Mmmm!


Kram Eva

3 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

ja, äntligen är våren här!
Vad söta dina blommor och igelkotten är :)
Kram Anna

Anna sa...

Det är så skönt att ni mår bättre glömde jag ju "säga"... Det var en riktig pers, som nog bara jag klarade mig ifrån!?
Ses imorn,

Judy sa...

Well even though I didn't know you and Bertil were sick, I'm glad to know that you are better now!

I have just returned from my class in San Antonio. It was the best ever and I although I am tired, I am eager to get back into my studio and working.

Tomorrow I get to see my Charlie, and I can hardly wait! ;-)