söndag, april 20, 2008

Old and Young

Yesterday, 19th, Anna celebrated her birthday. The 17th of April she became 33 years.
So congratulations, again, Anna.
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Agnes and Aunty Maria have been taken a trip into the little wood behind Anna and Ronnies house where all the lovely Wood Anemones are.

Tintin is expolring the grass. Great-grandfather Sune and Mommy Anna has picked Wood Anemones. The stick belongs to great-grandmother Signe.

Tintin, soon 9 month, 24th April, and Sune 88.

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Judy sa...

Happy Birthday to Dear Anna!
Those are more very nice pictures of Spring in Skane. I cannot believe all of the wood anemones. They seem to be everywhere. Sune looks very well and happy!