måndag, april 14, 2008

Wood Anemone Wood and Darling Agnes.

A whole wood of Wood Anemones.
Wish you all could feel the smell from all these flowers.
It was an outstanding fragrance that hit toward us when we came into the wood.
Real beauties...
...and here's one beauty more, Agnes.

This little fellow isn't that beautiful, but Agnes thought he was fun to look at.
If I'm right it's a Door-Beetle (Tordyvel)


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Judy sa...

Looks like you and Agnes had a great time together!
I did not know that Wood Anemones had a fragrance. We see them in the forest when we hike in North Carolina later this month, but never so many as you are seeing here!
And TinTin looks so cute in the shower! You make me so envious of your grandchildren! They are both so beautiful!!