onsdag, april 16, 2008

Bertil’s treatment has started.

A bursting bud from a brier.

Because of that Bertil both gets the cytostatic and radiation treatment he has to stay at the hospital in Lund this week, so they get to know how he reacts. Today it’s the second day,
and so far so good.
It’s very exactly how this cytostatic medicine Temodal is taken. You have to be fasting one hour before you take the medicine, and then you have to take the medicine one hour before the radiation.
So, if the radiation will take place at e.g. 12.30 he’s not allowed to eat after 10.30 and he has to take the medicine at 11.30.
Of cores he can eat after the radiation, so he hasn’t have to go hungry the rest of the day =)))

Bertil feels uncomfortable at this ward, and this hospital too for that matter. It’s so impersonally and not homelike at all, and I agree, and he always thinks that the other patients are very boring too, so the time is very long for him.
He didn’t get a room by his own this time because he’s too healthy for that.
Yesterday when he “checked in” at 11.00 at the hospital we had to wait nearly the whole day to get to speak to a nurse and then a doctor. Everybody just ran around like scald rats back and forth all day long.
I thought that if you had a scheduled time that you should be there, they would have had time to take care of you. But I probably thought wrong!
Days like this gives me bad vibes and I get very frustrated at people who not are able to get any order in there lives. One should have learned by now, but every time you think it will be more structure there is even more disorder instead. I’m in spite of all this very impressed of all the doctors we have met there through the years.

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Judy sa...

Sorry that the hospital isn't better organized. I agree: it must be very frustrating for both of you.

I hope the week passes quickly for Bertil, although I suspect that it won't. Will Bertil come home this weekend? If he has that to look forward to, the week should go quickly.

Warm Kramar to You All,