lördag, mars 01, 2008

I've Got A Cold...

Yesterday I felt that I probably had a cold on its way, because it started to tickle in my nose during the afternoon. My feeling was right, because today the cold blow up with full power this morning.
My eyes are red and so is my nose and it’s also running. A miner head ache is also an ingredient right now.
I didn’t go and visit Bertil today. He doesn’t need a cold on top of everything too, so we have just been talking by phone today. Yesterday he was a bit tired after the move from Lund to Ängelholm, so he probably needed to rest today anyhow.
He’s very eager to come home right now, and asks me over and over again if I know when I think they will send him home.
I answer the same every time:
“They have to know that you are really ok and they have to take the stitches and they also have to lower the dose of cortisone day by day until you don’t need any at all”.
It seems like he doesn’t listen to me, but his short memory is a bit out of order right now, so that’s why he repeats him self and asks the same questions.
Hopefully all this will change when all the swelling is down and his brain have space to function normally again.

This morning I had some very small visiters:

Tintin, 7 month & Agnes,3

When they had left I found this nice little drawing made by Agnes =)

A big sun...

...and a sweet little girl.
Perhaps it's a self portrait of Agnes ;-)

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Judy sa...

Hej Eva,

Anna knows how to brighten your day and your spirits, doesn't she! What beautiful children they are!! I love Agnes' drawing. I know that you are saving every single one for when she becomes famous!!

Hope your cold is getting better. It's no wonder with all the stress that you have had that you are getting a cold!