fredag, februari 29, 2008

More Closely

Yesterday I visited Bertil in Lund the whole day, from 10 am to 17 pm. It became a long day, but since I hadn’t seen or visited him during the whole week, I thought that that was the least I could do for my “lawfully half” (äkta hälft). Bertil thought, yesterday when I came, that I would be frighten to see his face because it was blue and purple and very swollen, but he looked just how I had imagine how he would look like after a surgery like that. I took some pictures yesterday, but I don’t think I will show them up here on my blog. That wouldn’t be so fair-minded to Bertil. He really looks like he has been in a big fight. Poor Bertil! The main thing is anyhow, that he doesn’t have any pain.

So, here's a nice picture from the 17th of Februari
when our dear friend Anna was here and visited us.

Today, sometimes in the midmorning, he will be transferred over to the hospital in Ängelholm by taxi. So now I don’t have to drive the long way to Lund when I will see him.
In Lund they didn’t thought that he had to stay in Ängelholm for more than over the weekend or maybe at most, a couple of days into next week and that sounds very hopeful in my ears=).

So, this afternoon I will take a trip to Ängelholm!


3 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Oh Eva, what GREAT NEWS!!!
I am so happy for you and for Bertil that he is being transported to Angelholm...and Kristin and I will never forget OUR first visit to Angelholm on the train!

Yes, I'm glad you posted this picture of handsome Bertil instead of the hospital picture.

Please give him hugs and kisses from me and tell him that I have been asking after him!


Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Så skönt att höra dessa goda nyheter: att operationen gått bra och konvalescensen tydligen inte blir så långvarig. Nu håller vi tummarna för att de positiva nyheterna fortsätter att rulla in och att Bertil snart kommer att känna igen sig i spegeln!

Kram och hälsningar från oss tre här i Stockholm genom kusinen!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you "cousin" Judy, cousin Marie-Anne, uncle Jean and aunty Ruth for your kind words and your thoughts.

Kram Eva