tisdag, februari 26, 2008

So Far So Good!

Yesterday Bertil’s surgery took place and everything went well!!!!!!
He phoned this afternoon, and what a relief to hear his voice again. He feels good despite everything he has gone through these last two days.
He still doesn’t want me to visit him, so I have to wait one more day or perhaps two.
“We can talk by phone instead”, he says. The reason why he doesn’t want me to come is first and foremost because he doesn’t want me to drive that long way to Lund and the second, he’s tired and want to be left alone for some days more.
According to him self his head is all covered in bandages and his left eye is totally closed and blue because of the swelling after the surgery. In a few days that will go down and he will look as nice as ever again ;-)
Now we have to wait one to two weeks before we get to know the test results of what kind of tumor it is. That’s even more frustrating and cliffhanging (nervpirrande) than anything else. This unknowing is very destructive and stressful. Last weekend I was so stressed that I was dizzy and my ears were blocking up. All that is gone now, but who knows, it will perhaps blow up again one of these days.
Now we have to take one day at the time and hope for the best.


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Judy sa...

How wonderful that Bertil could call you and talk to you!!!

We are all holding your hands while you wait to hear the news of the tissue biopsy.

xo & Kramar