tisdag, mars 04, 2008

Tomorrow - Wednesday…

…Bertil will be home again after 1½ week at hospital in Lund and Ängelholm. Everything seems to be ok so far.
He’s not allowed to drive a car. Don’t know for how long, and that I think, will be very difficult for him to abstain from. The reason why he's not able to drive is that there’s a risk that he will get epileptic seizures. He got two seizures right after the surgery, but hasn’t had any since then, so let us hope that that was the only two he ever will get.
We haven’t got the answer of the tissue biopsy yet, so there will be some more days of nervous waiting. Just wonder how they will inform us. By phone or by letter…? Don’t remember how we got the results nine years ago.

My cold hasn’t been so obtrusive (efterhängsen) this time. I only have some miner coughing left. Unfortunately my stomach and head was out of order yesterday evening instead, and I really felt nausea and very sick. My whole world was spinning round and round.
Today that was much better too, but not 100%. I think that I took too much and to strong cough mixture (Cocilana-Etyfin).
I didn’t want to cough too much when I visited Bertil yesterday. I also ate a prawn sandwich that I bought at the hospital cafeteria, and that I should have done perhaps. =(

This is how it looked outside my window this morning at 8.15 am.


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Anna sa...

här kommer massor av kramar från mig och "kottarna" Ronnie hälsar också förstås :-)
Hoppas ni får vila ordentligt båda två så att ni blir starka och friska igen snart!

here's alot of hugs from me and my "minime's" Ronnie sends his love too of course :-)
Hope the two of you gets plenty of rest so that you will be strong and well again soon!

Judy sa...

Hope that Bertil is home and all is going well!
I hope that you don't have the same ugly bug that I have had, where I get so dizzy I cannot stand up. It seems that the sinuses are inflamed and they press against the nerve to the inner ear and that causes the dizziness. I hope it was just the prawns.


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Tack för hälsningen. Krama "kottarna" från mig och Bertil!
Vi ses någon av de närmsta dagarna. Kram Eva

Bertil is home and is rejoicing every minute. He was tired of being at the hospital. (The food wasn't good and so on).
My cold and dizziness are much better, but not really 100% ok. I feel some dizziness and am a bit tired and weak now and then.

Kram Eva

Jonna sa...

Underbart att höra det har gått bra med Bertil. Hoppas att provsvaren säger det samma. Måste vara skönt att få hem honom igen.

Skönt att höra att du mår bättre.


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Tack Jonna för din kommentar.
Ja, det är skönt att ha honom hemma igen, och framför allt att han är sig själv igen.

Hoppas att allt ordnar sig med din svärmor också.
Tänker ofta på er och kollar din blogg varje dag, även om jag inte alltid kommenterar =)

Kram Eva

Carol sa...

Greetings from cloudy, humid and very warm Sydney. So good to hear that Bertil is home again and I do trust his test results are good. I hope you are feeling better and that you can both enjoy being together again.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Carol: Thank you for your greetings.
The weather here in the south of Sweden is also cloudy and humid but not that warm, about +7 degrees C (44,6F).
We have had a very strange winter this year . No snow to speak of, just a lot of rain.
xo Eva