onsdag, januari 09, 2008


I was at my annual mammography examination the day before yesterday and everybody who has made a mammography knows how painful that can be. I’m glad that I don’t have to that every day =)))
Men should be happy because if they would have gone through this kind of examination I think they would have at least fainted or worse, died!
If there was an examination for men, would that in that case be called pappography? I just don’t know which part of the body they would have had examined. Do you? ;-) =) :-) :-D

I had an appointment at the hospital in Helsingborg at 17.20 pm (!). I drove rather early from home because I would visit the big shopping center Väla before the examination.

(It takes about 50 minutes to drive down to Helsingborg. Not that that has any importance in this story, I just wanted you know the distance fairly well, it's about 35 miles, 5,6 svenska mil).
When I had made all the errands that I had decided to do, the clock only was 15.00 pm.
What should I do for nearly two and a half hour?
It had started to rain heavily and it was also some snow in the rain, so I decided to drive down to the hospital before my appointed time. Perhaps if I was lucky I could have the examination done before my appointed time if I asked nicely, otherwise I just had to sit there in the waiting room and read some of the gossip magazines that usually lies in such places.
Said and done! I parked my car in the parking house near the hospital at 15.30 and 15.53 I was on my way back home again. Quick and easy!
When I came to the mammography unit I had such luck that they had worked ahead so well that afternoon that there was a small hatch. They took me in for my examination immediately! Five minutes later I was on my way back home. So I was home before I should have had the mammography.
Once again I had some luck because when I came home it started to snow really heavily, so I was lucky that I was at home and not had to drive in that kind of weather.
When I woke up yesterday morning all the snow was gone again and the temps was +5 C (41 F).
The photo is borrowed from Aftonbladet.se

This photo is borrowed from "kvinnafrumamma"


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anna sa...

aj aj aj aj! Not an examination I'm looking forward to go through.

I just realised that when I'm calling you mamma, I'm actually calling you breast :-) And of course being a mother myself now "I'm a breast too"! (Mama is latin for breast)
Not strange at all the word mama, mamma, mom, etc. is used in so meny languages...

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Well, this was new for me. I didn't know that mama means/is breast in latin =)

Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
I'm glad that it all went so well and that you got to go early. I am looking forward to my mammo in the next month or so: ;-(


Judy sa...

Wow: I just read Anna and your comments about "mamma, mammo, etc"...yes, it is true: mamma is the Latin root for "mother". We refer to the breasts as the mammary glands, so there you have it!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you Judy for your comments, it’s always nice to learn something new in life.
I got the “result” from the examination yesterday and everything was ok =)


Helena_v sa...