måndag, januari 07, 2008

Pictures from today - Sunday!

Today Agnes, Tintin and Anna were here the whole day because Daddy Ronnie was gluing a carpet on the steps at the stairs up to the upper floor and the smell would have been to strong for the children.

Agnes was playing with Aunty Maria's "old" My Little Pony almost the whole day...

..and little Tintin was also playing with some both old and new toys. We have had a very nice day together =)


3 kommentarer:

anna sa...

Thank you mamma!

Judy sa...

Agnes looks so cute in her little pig tails, and of course Tintin is as cute as ever!
Oh, surprise: You have received a "You Make My Day" award from me. Please check my blog for details.


Maria sa...

Seeing all my old My Little Ponies makes me want to come over and play! hahaaa!