fredag, januari 18, 2008


Today, Thursday, I’ve been to my dentist for the last time of this treatment period. What a relief! At last I can chew as a normal person without any pain.

This Monday I went to my Doctor to get some blood tests to see how my blood lipid stands. Before the cholesterol values was 8,1 and this time they had gone down to 5,1. Not bad!!

I’ve been fighting with this cholesterol for years and years and have had to take a lot of medicine (and still am). I’ve tried and tried to eat “healthy” (what ever that means) lots of vegetables, low-fat meat, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal rice, low fat products when it comes to milk, yogurt, cream, crème fraiche, sour milk, butter, margarine and so on. The only result of all this trying have been more kilos on my body (will not tell you how many), higher cholesterol and high blood pressure. Every time I came to my doctor she reprehends me and said that I had to eat healthier. What would you have done in my situation if you had made everything that you had been told to do?

I’ve been very depressed both over my rising weight, cholesterol and blood pressure, but now I think I’ve found my kind of diet. LCHF = Low Carb High Fat diet. I‘ve nearly been saved on this kind of diet. It seems so very right for me anyhow. As I told you before, my cholesterol has gone down and I’ve lost 4,5 kg (9,92 pounds) since the beginning of December, and hopefully I will lose weight in the future too.

I’ve eliminated potatoes, pasta, rice, and almost all kind of cereal products, vegetables that’s growing under the land/soil, root vegetables and corn. I try not to eat more than 5% carbohydrate per 100 grams (3,5274 ounces) food.

The food I allow my self to eat is amongst other things:

All kind of meat for example, beef, pig, chicken, fish, seafood, lots of eggs, butter, cream, crème fraiche, milk, cheese. No low-fat products!!! Only the “old fashion” dairy products! Vegetables that are growing above land/soil one fruit a day, hard bread with only 5% Carb/slice and so on.

HPIM8607 (Small)

This is how my lunch can look today. Since I started with this diet I'm never hungry any more and don't have to eat loads of food before I get satisfied.

HPIM8577 (Small)

Here's the kind of bread I eat.

HPIM8555 (Small)


3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

suveränt!! :D

Sophie sa...

Jag har precis börjat med den här LCHF metoden (inne på 3e dagen) och jag är skiträdd varje gång jag äter att jag ska gå upp i vikt. Men du skriver att du har gått ner 4.5 kilo på ca 1 månad och det låter ju jättebra. Jag får bara stå ut lite längre tills jag ser resultat och blir lite lugnad. :) Tack får en fin sida.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hej Sohpie! Kul att du hittat min lilla blogg. Du behöver inte vara det minsta rädd för animaliskt fett. Jag har gått ner sammanlagt 20 kg på ca ett år genom att hålla mig till LCHF.
Gå in och kolla på och, så får du vägledning, tips och mycket information.
Kram Eva