lördag, november 17, 2007

A Trying Week!

This week has been a very trying week. First I got a persistent cold, then my washing machine broke down, so I had to wash the cloth that was in the machine by hand. The repairman will not come until next week.

Tuesday night between about 22.00-02.00 I was looking after Agnes (she was a sleep all the time) when Anna and Ronnie had to drive to the hospital in Helsingborg (about 5,5 Swedish miles x2) with little Tintin only four month old. He had a bad cough and it sounded just like false croup.
He was “just a little bit red in his throat”, so they could drive back home directly after the Dr had looked at him. Luckily he’s much better now. Poor little guy :~(

Yesterday I went to my optician to get my new glasses, but when I tried them on I couldn’t read normal news paper letters with them! I’m going to try them over the weekend and then he’s going to see what’s wrong next week if I still can’t read.

I get so tired!

It can’t get any worse I think, so I really do hope that next week will turn out much better on my behalf.

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Judy sa...

YIKES: what a bad week for you! I hope you are feeling better and that you will get knew and improved glasses next week!