torsdag, november 22, 2007

Good and Bad week!

Well, this week started like the last. The cold still has its grip on me and I don’t know why the colds always are so persistent when it comes to me. Why do I always get such bad cough, day and night? :~(
As soon as I put my head on the pillow in the evening the cough pops up like a devil.
It’s no idea to go to my optician until I’m well because my eyes get muddy and I can’t sit there and disseminate my germs over him either.

My grandchildren are well again from their colds. That’s really nice and relieving to know.

The end of this week seams to go in the sign of success and blessing. We got our washing machine fixed this morning and yesterday were really a Lucky Day.
We got the farm sold! At last! It has been for sale since the 8th of April.

There have been many possible consumers, all in all 19 I think. Two of these contacted the estate agency. One of these decided when he had time to sigh the papers, but he never showed up! There we sat like Pinocchio’s with long noses. Either we or the estate agency have heard from him since that day! The other consumer came on time and signed the papers but draw back his contract on the very last day. He had some difficulties to get money from his bank if I remember it right. I don’t understand how a person will sigh up for a whole farm without talking properly with his bank to begin with.

Anyhow, now we have got it sold to a very nice and energetic person that we have known for his whole life. Hopefully the old farm will live up again, not as a farm but with lots of other activities. The future will show what he has in mind to do with the place. We wish him good luck!Now perhaps, we are able to repair our own house that we have lived in for nearly 36 years. We have talked about to sell this house and build a smaller and more modern, but to find a place to put the new house on is easier said than done. If I think back at all these years much has happened between this house’s walls and outside too what it concerns. Not when it comes to repairs of the house because that has been a minimum. No, what I have in mind is in our lives, but that’s an entirely other history.


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Anna sa...

I'm so happy for you, that the farm finaly has ben sold. I also think it's exciting and am looking forward to see what the new owner will make of the place!
Conserning your own house, I can only guess what it feels like to have lived for that many years in the same place. I can definately understand if its even hard to imagine living in another house :-)
My feelings for the place where I grew up is strong and I love the house. It's very special in many ways! I would really miss it if you guys decided to move.

Maria sa...

my feelings exactly =)