onsdag, maj 02, 2007

Got An Early visitor Today =)

Agnes and her Mom came for a short visit this morning. They had already been at the Bank and to the grocer's shop. Me, I hadn't finished my breakfast yet! So slow these days!
Perhaps I can blame it on my (still going on) cold. I'm so tired =(
Well, I'm really getting better for each day now, but this has been a very long drawn-out sinusitis. Am still coughing and blowing my nose. Feels like I do that at least hundred times a day :(

Agnes is playing...

...and OPS!!... she falls into the big Pooh box!
At first she started to cry...

...but stopped and got this big smile on her cute little face instead. Both me and Anna started to laugh loud and clear, it looked so funny, so because of our laughing Agnes probably started to laugh instead of cry. Then this little person said: "That wasn't so smart"!

Here they are on their way back home. The cute little "car-chair" for the doll did Anna found at the recycling station!! She took it home, cleaned it up and washed the fabric. Looks like new! Why does people throw things like that away?
Agnes is sitting in her safty chair and the doll is sitting behind. Agnes is tired and wants her pacifier. She only have her pacifier when she's tired.
"Hejdå mormor"!
"Bye-bye Granny"!

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Maria sa...

hihihi! =)

Judy sa...


Anonym sa...

Hej Eva, tack för alla fina dagboksanteckningar. Agnes är underbar! Jag blir avundsjuk på dig som får träffa henne så ofta och se hur hon utvecklas.

Vi har det som vanligt, fram och tillbaka med hälsan.

Man blir glad av den skira grönskan utomhus och med alla blommor som kommit.

Kära hälsningar till alla bekanta i och runt Båstad.