lördag, maj 05, 2007

A Little Pink House in Båstad!

Today I saw a little house at a side street to Köpmansgatan that goes through “my” home village Båstad.
The house has always been there, I know that, but I haven’t really seen it until today! There is nothing unusual or spectacular with this old little house only that on the gable side that face against the main street it’s written the name on the house, and that is: “BROCKTON 83”.
I don’t know why I haven’t seen it before! Suddenly it felt like I had been somewhere else all these 40 years that I’ve been living here. Am I dreaming or what?
Why I reacted on the house and its name is because my very dear friend Judy and her family lived in Brockton, MA, USA when she was a child and that did also her grandparents. Judy’s grandparents emigrated from Sweden, Båstad (Haga and Västra Karup) in the beginning of the last century, about 1910. It’s nearly hundred years ago. The mind boggles when you think about it.
Judy’s mother, Ruth and my husband’s father, Sune are cousins and their mother’s where then of cores sisters. So even though I’m not related to Judy I feel like I am anyhow.

Wow, all this because of a little house at a side street in Båstad!

I just had to stop and take a couple of pictures. I hope that the owners didn’t saw me when I did that. Perhaps then they would have wondered what kind of strange person that was sneaking around their house =)


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Judy sa...

You have totally changed your blog and I LOVE IT!!!
But first off: you MUST go to that house and ask the owners about the Brockton sign!! You MUST!!! Surely they will have a wonderful story, and who knows, maybe Trina Lund once lived there or something!! I have chill bumps just thinking about it!
For some reason blogger hasn't notified me of your recent bloggings, so now I must go back and read them all. What fun!! :-)


Judy sa...

Yes, I got the header on my blog, but I wanted the photo to go all the way across the top and don't quite know how to achieve that. I guess I need to play around with it some more!

Judy sa...

Happy early birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family. :-)

I have tagged you to blog 7 things about yourself that we don't already know....and then tag 7 more bloggers. No big deal if it's not your cup of tea.


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Judy!
Sorry but I haven't come up with 7 things about my self yet. Don't think that's my "thing". If I come up with something I'll let you know. Ok?