torsdag, mars 08, 2007

Vilka är ni? - Who are you?

Det skulle var så himla roligt om alla ni som är inne och kollade på min blogg skiver en liten kort kommentar om vilka ni är. Jag kan ju se i Sitemeter hur många som varit inne och var ni kommer ifrån, ungefär, men vilka ni är kan jag ju inte se! (Kan ju bara gissa).

Snälla skriv! Jag är så nyfiken!

It would be so very nice if all of you who are visiting my blog wrote a little short comment about who you are.
I can see at Sitemeter how many that has been there looking and about where you come from, but who you are I can’t see! (I can only guess).

Please make a short annotation! I'm so very curious!

7 kommentarer:

Ulrika Cronsjö sa...

Wow! Eva! I´m very impressed! Dad told me that you had a blog and in your mail today I found the address... A lot to read, I´ll continue another day. Hugs, Ulrika (the cousin!)

Maria sa...

I'm your daughter! ;-) hihi!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hi Ulrika!
Nice to here from you. I hope everything is ok with you and your little family.
Life is kind of hectic here at the moment with all cleaning up at your grandparents (former) place, but that you know all about I suppose.
Will be very relieving when it's over and done.
It has been going on since they moved in November.
Before that me and my siblings had a huge job when we did the same in my parents house about a year ago. So now I'm kind of tired of cleaning, moving and sorting things up =(

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hi my daughter! See you tomorrow ;-)

Anna sa...

Hello mamma!
I'm also your daughter:-) So... now that everyone knows, they can stop wondering why I'm calling you mamma/mom/mother all the time ;-)

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hi to you too my daughter ;-)
See you and Agnes, perhaps tomorrow!

Judy sa...

and well, you know who I am!!!
I love looking at sitemeter and trying to figure out who the folks are who stop by and read my blog! Of course, when the address is from Sweden, I am assuming it is one of you three. How nice to read Ulrika's comment! We have been out of touch for quite some time...I think I "dropped the ball" and didn't respond to her. ;-(