måndag, mars 12, 2007

A Joyful Weekend!

This has been a weekend full of joy, good food (perhaps not healthy all the time, but so what for once), celebration, meeting friends and lots of laughter.
Bertil had his 60th birthday this Saturday, the 10th of March.
Maria and Anna gave him, and me, a trip to Gothenburg (by train) and an evening at the Lorensbergs theater. (We saw “Lögn i Helvete” – “Lying in Hell”).
Our friends Anna and Lennart were informed. Maria had asked them if we could stay at their place over the night and if they wanted to go to the theatre with us.
Lucky for Bertil and me they wanted to do that! So we had a wonderful day and evening yesterday and a lovely day today with our friends before we went home again this afternoon.

Thank you Anna, Maria, Anna, Lennart, Jonna, Fredrik, Moa and Klara for a unforgettable weekend!

The celebration started Friday night, the 9th of March.
Agnes and grandpa Bertil are eating birthday cake.
Flowers from Bertil's employer, PEAB.

The 10th of March.

We are leaving Båstad 10.38 Saturday morning.

Båstad's railway station.

Our arrival to Gothenburg.

Dinner at Palace.

The course of food.

Lennart and Bertil looking and talking about a book in a bookshop. It was book sale!

Anna is talking to "Carl von Linné", inside the big store NK.

Carl von Linné
Foto: Anna Hautau


Inside the Market-hall. Bertil, Eva and Lennart.

Jonna (my friend Anna's daughter) and her family, Jonna's husband Fredrik and their cute twin girls, Moa and Klara invited us for coffee and a birthday cake for Bertil. What a nice gesture!
(Jonna took the picture with Anna's camera).

The birthday cake.


The 11th of March.

The harbor and a big ship lying in a floating dock.

A enormoues church.
"Masthuggs kyrkan"

Dinner time!

"Two little dishes"
Striped beaf and fryed shrimps.

The interior at the Chinese Restaurant.

A happy Buddha!

At last!
A lovely bud (sorry, have forgotten from which flower or bush)!

3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

I'm glad you had a good time =)

Judy sa...

What wonderful girls to give Bertil (and you!) such a generous birthday gift...and of course your friends as well.
Please tell Bertil happy birthday from us. I have had him on my mind and on my "to do" list, but am a bit behind lately. I have thought of several perfect gifts for him, but you know whatever I decide upon will be arriving by "slow boat" in May...so the suspense may just undo him! LOL
Love and Hugs,

Judy sa...

Isn't that an azalea bud?