fredag, mars 16, 2007


The picture below looks just like a person that I know, empty and without substance!
To make a long story short:
Yesterday I got a telling-off from a close relative and her oldest daughter (no names). They poured over me with accusations that weren’t true, just because they wanted to pick a quarrel, without any reason. (The irritating in this is that they know that what they accused me of wasn't true). I understood afterwards that they had prepared them selves for some time during the morning, and when they thought the right moment was there, they fired off!
All this hostile comes, probably, from that they are jealous of me. I can't find out any other reason. They probably can’t stand that an other close relative likes me and tell them so now and then.
Well, in the end I don’t care, because for me it’s enough that this old lady and I are agreed.

Poor tree :-(


Today we had a wonderful weather here in Skåne. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.
I was out working in my “garden” this afternoon and got my eyes on these crocus and snowdrops. A sign of spring, AT LAST!
You probably wonder why I write garden within quotation marks. It’s because I don’t have any proper garden ;-)

Have a nice day out there!

4 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

It amazes me that relatives can be so cruel to eachother whe there's more reason to stick together =( Try to shake it off mamma, even though it nags...

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

It's not easy to shake it off, but I'll try :-/
Actually, they are not worth thinking of, ever!
Thanks for your suport =)

Judy sa...

Oh Eva, I am so sorry that this is happening to you now. You have had such a rough year of dealing with closing up both your parents' home and then that of Signe and Sune. I don't think that other siblings realize how much time and hard, hard work goes into this. I know how you feel, as my brother sits back in his easy chair hundreds of miles away and simply picks up the phone every other Sunday to call our mother and say "hello". Now isn't that nice of him!! He has not seen her in about 6 years, and then it was only because she bought a plane ticket and flew to see him! The last time he took the time to see her was over 30 years ago!! I might as well be an only child. So, all that said, I think I somehow know the anger that you are feeling...even though I do not know the whole content of your conversation.

I wish that we lived close to eachother because I think that we are very similar, and could really help eachother in such times.

When you get angry, you need to realize that you are doing the very best thing, and, like you said, the others are simply jealous that they do not do what you do!!!

Take care and know that I love you and that you are RIGHT!!!


Anna sa...

Well, well... I guess and am afraid, that we knew they would show "their true selves" eventually in this "process"
Just try to not think of them, couse just as you say, they're not worth thinking of at all!