tisdag, februari 13, 2007

Nostalgia in Pictures!

You can never guess who’s in the box that my father is carrying!
As a matter of fact, it’s me ;-)
Some time ago I helped my mother to sort out a whole bunch of Super-8 films from when I and my brothers and sisters were small children. That’s a looong time ago!
I handed the films over to a “Photographer Shop” so they could lead them over to DVD discs. Everybody that has film on Super-8 knows that you never look at them. It’s quite simply too complicated.
Well, sometimes I’m to over energetic, so I started to pick out still pictures from these films. Puh! Sometimes I don’t know what I’m getting my self in to.
From 26 films I’ve, so far, picked out 1 467 pictures! (Have nine films left).
Anyway, this “picture picking” has been a real nostalgia trip for me, so I thought that I maybe could share some pictures with you.

Have a nice day!
May 1951
Me (in the box) and my Dad, Lennart.
Me sucking on a pacifier/dummy.

Me and my Mom, Marie-Louise.

This is a very common motif from when I was a child.
We were always out on some day trip, and eating!
The old lady with the hat is my grandmother, Ingeborg
(my fathers mother) and then there's my Mom and my older siblings,
Christian, Anders and Margareta.
Here's my Dad sitting down, also eating of course.
The car was "the apple of his eye".
A Volvo PV with a "cuckoo", turn signal, on the car roof.
(You can perhaps see the cuckoo on the picture above)
Marie-Louise, Margareta, Anders, Christian and grandma Ingeborg.

6 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Mamma, I love the pictures!
And YOU are so cute :-)

Judy sa...

What fun pictures to look at! I think Maria looks a lot like your Mom, what do you think? I hadn't noticed it before. I remember a teacher at our high school who had a Volvo that looked like that, but I dont' recall the cuckoo turn signal. I cannot see it in the picture either. ;-(
Ahhhhh, and Anna is writing in English, so those of us lazy bones can read it too! And yes you are so very darling!!!
Thank you for the walk down memory lane with you.
So much fun!!!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Well, I also think that Maria looks like my Mom, but just a little bit. She has a cousin that is much more like her though. Her name is Camilla ;-)
The cuckoo on the car roof is so tiny. Perhaps that’s why you can’t see it, but its there!
Can’t understand that I’ve been so tiny, but if I my say so: I was a cute little thing back then. Now I’m more than a full grown (read BIG) person, unfortunately :-(
But everybody can’t look like movie stars ;-)

Maria sa...

Yup, very cute ;-)

Jackie sa...

You look so cute with the pacifier. I haven’t got a picture with a pacifier; I couldn’t imagine how I looked like. I wish I were cute, too. =) I couldn’t see the Volvo turn signal on the car roof either.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hello Jackie!
Look at my new post from today, 28th of February. There you can find a picture of a Volvo with a "cuckoo", turn signal, on the roof ;-)