onsdag, februari 07, 2007

A Beautiful View!

Isn't this just a beautiful view over my home town?
This picture was taken yesterday, 6th February.
The sun was shining and both the sea and sky were so very blue!
That hasn't happend since I don't know when!
No snow and no rain!!!!

3 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Hej mamma!
Hoppas jag kan hitta namnet på busken i nå'n bok imorgon ;-)
Visst är det från Anna och Lennarts trädgård?

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Nej, den är faktiskt från parkeringen vid Grevieparken ;-)

Judy sa...

What a gorgeous view of Bastad! Thank you so much for posting it.
No fairs with you two writing to eachother in Swedish, though!!!
My new computer has finally arrived...I am in heaven, viewing Bastad and writing to you on my new computer!