fredag, februari 16, 2007

34 Years Ago!

Well, time goes by very, very fast. These pictures were taken 34 years ago. Much has happened since then, both in joy and sorrows.
I remember that we had a fun day with our friends, Inger and Ingmar. We were witnesses to each other and no other guests were invited. There were just us four, the priest and the church janitor.
The wedding took place in Sankt Petri Church in Klippan, Skåne. At that time that was a very modern church.
Why there wasn’t any guests invited was because we didn’t wanted anyone to know about our plans. We just wanted a small wedding and a calm and nice day by our selves.
Back then, (don’t know how it is today), your friends did all sorts of jokes in your home when you where away and got married and that we didn’t wanted to happened because sometimes they walked over the edge of what you could except.
Both couples had new homes and house and didn’t want them “destroyed”.

Bertil, Eva, Inger and Ingmar.
A young and happy couple. I was 22 and Bertil 26.

In the bedside table in the hotel room I found this potty and got me a good laughter. As you can see I had my left ring finger in bandage. At that time I worked in a bookbinder's firm and one week before we got married I got my fingertip cut off in a big staple machine, so I had to have my wedding ring around my neck :-/
I had sewn the wedding dress my self and I also sewed Bertil's tie as you can see at the picture below ;-)

3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Happy Anniversary mum and dad!!

Judy sa...

Oh Eva! Happy Anniversary to you and Bertil!! I have been thinking about you all week long and wanting to send you our best wishes, but time has slipped away! I love your pictures. Hope you four have a wonderful catered dinner tonight! What fun for you all.
Best wishes for many more years.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you , both Maria and Judy!
We have had a lovely evening with our friends and the food was very tasteful. Unfortynately i forgott to take any pictures. I had placed my camera on a sideboard right behind me, but I didn't remember it anyhow! Silly me!
Have a continues nice weekend!
XO Eva