torsdag, december 14, 2006

Katt och liten tärna - Cat and a little Lucia girl attendant

Yesterday it was the day that we celebrated Lucia here in Sweden, and this
is the little Lucia girl attendant that came and visited us yesterday evening.

Isn't she cute?
Mormors lilla Tärna!

Here's Maria and her little kitten, Vincent. He's six month old and he's a "Brittish short hair". Well acctually he's not that small, but he's cute too, exactly like my little attendant above ;-)

Maria och hennes lilla kattunge Vincent, 6 månader.
Rasen heter "Brittisk korthår".
Visst är han söt? Som en liten nalle nästan ;-)

Vincent yesterday, 13th Dec.

Vincent, 1st Dec.

2 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

If I may say so... What a couple of cute grandkids you've got ;-)

Judy sa...

Agnes looks so adorable as Lucia!! I'll have to post a pic of Kristin (much older) when she was Santa Lucia.
Vincent is so is his Mommy!