lördag, december 16, 2006

Yesterday :-/

Yesterday I spent most of the day in a hospital room at the emergency ward at the hospital in Ängelholm together with Bertil. He had had a terrible stomach ache for about two days, and yesterday morning (Friday) he couldn't take it any more so, at last, he called his doctor and got an appointment to visit him at 10.30.
The doctor thought that it was the appendix, but he wasn't 100 % sure. So he sent him to the surgeon emergency ward at the hospital in Ängelholm. We arrived there at about 12.15 and after all kinds of examinations and tests they also thought that it was the appendix, but even they weren’t 100 % sure! Now they, at last, came into the BORING hospital room and told us that we had to go to the hospital in Helsingborg because if it was the appendix they didn't do any night operations in Ängelholm.
The time is now 16.30!! We hadn't been eating since 8.30 am. Bertil didn't care because he was so swallowed up of his pain, but I felt that if I had to drive 31 miles (about 5 Swedish miles) forward and back I needed some kind of nourishment, but the only eatable I could find was water :-/ (I think I drank half a liter).
We arrived to Helsingborg at about 17.15.
At this time Bertil was absolutely finished and could with big difficulties walk into the hospital, walk through the long corridor to the “elevator room”, go three floors up and finally we are where we should have been from the beginning.
Now he’s going to be observed for some time before they decide what to do. I can’t do anything more so I says bye, takes the elevator down and goes to the cafeteria that’s closing up for the day. Luckily I get a cup of coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich.
During all this Bertil didn’t get any pain killer at all because they had to know if the pain was getting worse or decreased.
I came home at 18.45 and next morning (Saturday) Bertil phoned me at 8.00 am. He told me that late the evening before they had decided to make a CT (Computed Tomography – Swe. dator tomografi – skiktröntgen) and that showed that the appendix was bigger than normal, so 2.00 am they had taken out the appendix, at last!!!
We haven’t been visiting him today because he was so tired this morning and just wanted to sleep today. He will be discharged already tomorrow, so I will probably pick him up tomorrow afternoon :-D

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Judy sa...

I can't believe I've missed all of this!!! Hope Bertil is recovering nicely! Too much excitement for you all, don't you think?