onsdag, oktober 18, 2006

Welcome home!

Agnes, her Mam and Dad have been visiting Agnes grandmother Birgitta and grandfather Kjell in Avesta, Dalarna for some days and are now back home in Skåne again :-) I hope they had a nice time together because they don't see each other that often. This is pictures that Anna sent to me this evening, and I just had to share them with my friends. Isn't she just the cutest little thing you ever can see. I hope to see her tomorrow ;-)

Hello grandma Birgitta and grandpa Kjell in Avesta!
Hugs from grandma Eva!

1 kommentar:

Anna sa...

Hej mamma!
Ja visst passar hon bra på dalahästen den lilla skrutten :-)
Helst skulle den väl ha sprungit omkring också, om det nu skulle vara helt perfekt -enligt Agnes alltså!