tisdag, oktober 24, 2006

October and raspberries! - Hallon!

I dag är det den 24 oktober.
Trodde inte mina ögon när jag såg den här skylten.
Var bara TVUNGEN att stanna och ta ett kort ;-)
Ha en bra dag!!
Today it's the 24th of October.
I didn't believed my eyes when I saw this singpost.
I just HAD to stop and take this picture ;-)
It says:
Bertil's Farm
Have a nice day!!

3 kommentarer:

Eva-Lena sa...

Det var inte dåligt, självplocj i slutet av oktober :)

Ha en bra dag

/ Eva-Lena

Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
Yes, I saw your blog post last night, but was so busy trying to get my blog back in order that I didn't have a chance to comment. Yes, I enjoyed some Fall raspberries while in North Carolina last weekend. YUMMMMMMMM!

I'm glad you like my new/er blog. I listened to comments like yours about how much easier the white background was on the eyes, and I followed your suggestion...got rid of the black. However, then when I changed the template, all of the old sidebar contents disappeared, so I've had to reinstall them. It's gotten to be fun, though, and I've added a few more! Never a dull moment!!!

xo to all,

Maria sa...