onsdag, oktober 04, 2006

Pictures from today!

Morning dew.
A reminder of what's left of the summer, "Busy Lizzie" - "Flitiga Lisa".

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Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
We call your "Busy Lizzie" Impatiens...I suppose Lizzie is impatient! LOL
For some reason I don't receive notification when you blog. I filled out the box, but it said that I already was subscribed, so old blogger is up to its tricks again I suppose!
It was good to hear from you on my blog. Your imagination is very vivid indeed....Indians and wigwams!!! LOL Yes, our lake is Knickerbocker. Your mind is like a steel trap!
OK, I'm off to work and play. Enjoy your day...what is left. Hope you had a nice visit with your Mom. Please give her a hug and kiss from me, her birth "sister".