lördag, oktober 28, 2006

A real artist?

What may it be of this little artist?
Will she be as good as her mom Anna?
One crayon in each hand!

3 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

In the top photo Agness looks so intent on choosing her color, and in the second photo she appears to be in total joy as she creates her masterpiece!!! Yes, another artist in the making! Keep supplying her with materials so that she can create!!!
Love to you all in Skane,

Judy sa...

p.s. I've added Anna's website to my blog, so that other's may enjoy her fine work!

Eva sa...

Yes she's always very intent and creative when she's doing things.
A very intelligent child ;-);-)
She knows the name of almost all colors. She's talking all the time and almost properly. Her vocabulary is very big for her age.
But then...she's my grandchild so why shouldn't she be creative and smart LOL

Just have to brag a little =) =)