lördag, november 11, 2006


This last week, me and my husband Bertil, we have helpt his parents to move to an apartment for old peolpe in Västra Karup. They have been farmers their whole life until they became retired for about 15-20 years ago. They have stayed on their farm even if they didn't had any animals, so this was a big step for them.
The pictures below are from my mother's balcony. She's living in the same place as my parents-in-law since the first of June. My mother on the third floor and they on the second floor some apartments away from her so they have nearly the same view. The apartments are just like any other "normal" apartments. The difference is that IF they need help they can get it there. There's always nursing staff available round the clock. They can also dine there. Morning, noon and evening, they just have to tell the kitchen staff the day before. It's not for free but it doesn't cost that much. There's a hairdresser and you can also have your feets done (don't know the word for that in English). We call a person who takes care of your feets for fotvårdare or pedikyrist.
It's nice to know that they are well taken care of, and we don't have to drive to different places for to visit them all. My sister's parents-in-law are also living there, and they all know each other. Couldn't be better!

Far away in the horizon you can see Kullaberg, that's near Höganäs and Mölle.

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Judy sa...

Wonderful pictures....especially the first one. I'm sure that Signe and Sune will fit right in soon, and be most relieved to be in their new apartment. The word for someone who takes care of your feet (as in polishing the nails) is a pedicurist. A Dr. who takes care of your feet is a Podiatrist, but I don't think they are real doctors with the MD title.