onsdag, september 06, 2006

Soon it's fall!

The hectic summer month here in Båstad is over, and the fall is coming with big steps. This is pictures that I took a couple of days ago. It's rowanberrys and some kind of "Anthriscus silvéstris" (hundkex).

I don't know were the latest month has gone. Woops, and it's over! We have had a VERY hot summer here, about +25-35 C degrees every day for about two month in the south of Sweden, but now it's on the contrary very rainy and about +15-20 C degrees.
I'm more satiefied when it's a little bit cooler, so without the rain, it's ok for me now.

I have started a new class at the local "adult school", Akademi Båstad. It's a course in web design that I went on three years ago. Unfortunately I had forgotten the most of it, so that's why I repeat the course. Perhaps it all will stay in my head this time ;-)
This time I have invested in a web design program, FrontPage 2003, and that makes it much easier this time.
Last time I went on this course I made a small home site to my daughter Anna. At last I have changed it a bit but only with old material and in my way. So soon it will perhaps change again when Anna has picked out some new material. We'll see!

Some days ago I bought a book about how to blog at Blogger. There were a lot of good information in it. (My book is of course translated into Swedish). I also found the writer's web site, here it is: http://www.cookwood.com/blogvqj/

4 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Hej mamma!

Vad fina foton på oxelbär och hundkex. Vad smart på min hemsida ;-)

Tack för allt jobb (och pengar) du lägger ner på mig!
Hoppas jag nån gång kan göra något i gengäld som är värt detsamma.

Kram Anna & Agnes hälsar

Anna sa...

Jag menade rönnbär förstås :-)

Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
Well, I wish I could read what Anna said in her comments...nosey posey that I am!
I really don't know what that other plant is that you have photographed, but it almost looks like parsely...I'm sure it's not!
Kristin, Dave and I used FrontPage on my Silk Sorbet website. I'm sure you will enjoy it...it is so easy that even I can sometimes add and delete from my webpage!
I like Anna's site...wish it was ALL in English!!
Glad your weather is cooler. Ours is just a bit also, and we too are having a bit more rain...but that just makes the weeds grow faster! LOL
Love and Hugs to all,

Eva sa...

Hi Judy!
I just had written you a loooong answer when the connection broke down, and all my work disappeared! Grrrr!!!!!
I think I'll write you an ordanary e-mail instead.
xo Eva