onsdag, oktober 04, 2006

Hello again!

Anna and Lennart :-)

Well you haven't heard from me for about a month now. I haven't been in the right mood to do so. My days have been engaged with other things. My mother-in-law, Signe, got a stroke about one month ago, but she's almost 100% recovered now. Luckily!
Today is a nice sunny day and Signe and I have been checking our blood pressure this morning and it was alright. My blood pressure was 135/80 so I have to be satisfied :-)

I was visiting my dear friends Anna and Lennart in Göteborg/Gothenburg the 22-24 September. The big book fair was taking place that weekend so we were visiting that. There were lots and lots of people, 102 605 visiters!
It was a very nice weekend. Tank you!

The book fair in Gothenburg.

2 kommentarer:

Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Hallo, dear cousin Eva!

I was there too - on the book fair on Gothenburg -during two days!

Unfortunately, I didn't know about your presence, otherwise we could have met and had a nice chat over a cup of coffee together.

Next time we must plan this better!

your cousin Iris Marie-Anne in Stockholm

Eva sa...

Hello back to you cousin Iris Marie-Anne!

It's a pity that we didn't met. Where you there in private or with work?
I was there last year too and both then and now I actually looked for you both times, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this very moment it srtuck me that I could have sent you a sms or phoned you on your car phone. Duh!
Yes, next year we have to meet IF I'm going.