lördag, februari 12, 2011

Long Time

Well it’s been a long time since I updated my blog, but I'm still here =). I've had a lot to do with our move to our new apartment the 13th of January.

I thought that I’d cleared out all the things that we didn’t needed, but I just fooled my self. I’ve had a lot of work to make place for all our chattels, and I think that soon I’ll have everything in its right place.

A new sofa, a chest of drawers, a dinner table, some chairs and some other things has been purchased at the new IKEA department store in Helsingborg.

More snow is falling here in Skåne right now. It’s freezing cold outside and I’m really tired of this long and cold winter. It started already in the beginning of November and has its hold on us still. The other day we had about +3 degrees C, and it almost felt like it was spring in the air.
I'm longing for some green grass and spring flowers, but it seems like we have to wait for that for a long time yet.

The main thing anyhow is that we have come in place, our house got sold and I’m not longing for the house a bit. Honestly I haven’t given it a thought since we moved out. So I now we made the right thing when we decided to sell.

Bertil is still fighting with his brain tumor. Some days are worse then the others. Right now he’s going through the annual five days/month of treatment with anti tumor therapy. The first day of this treatment is often the worst, and then it sort of flattens out.

The day before yesterday he was really sick when he woke up in the morning, and when he went out for the morning paper he fell headlong down on the ground and strike up one of his knees. Today he has taken it easy all day long, and that’s good. He needs to slow down his life, but can’t really realize that.

There aren’t many of the persons we know and meet daily, who think that he really is as sick as he is because he looks very well. He has got the characteristic “moon-face” and a big belly from all the cortisone he has to take every day. In other words, he looks like he has a good life, eating with a good appetite, but instead he’s lost a lot of muscles that has transformed into fat on his belly instead. That’s a side effect from the cortisone too.

Besides of all this, life is good to us right now. We have a new home, nice people next door, and hopefully the spring will show up again with all its beautifulness.

My favourite month of the year is May.

Ingelstorp's harbor 10 February, 2010

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Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
I'm beginning to wonder if winter has always been like this, but when we were younger we just didn't notice it! LOL It's been long and dreary for us here too: Snow again yesterday and tonight it is bitter cold! ugh It is supposed to be much warmer this next week, which is nice because K & D & C are moving then.
I'm sorry to hear that Bertil is having such a tough time with his medications and also with the fall. Poor guy. He did not deserve any of this.....nor did you!
I'm so glad that your house sold when it did and that you were able to move!
Chin up: Spring will arrive sooner or later!


christine brightside sa...

Glad to hear that you like your new place as you have been waiting so long to move in!

I really, really hope that Bertil is getting better soon! Thinking of you lots!