onsdag, mars 17, 2010

Feeling better =)

The sinusitis is almost gone now, but I still need to use the steroid nasal spray twice a day. I'm not happy about that, but I rather take the spray then having sinusitis.
The snow is melting down day by day, but here's still plenty. The sun has showed up now and then too. The other day I washed my car. Haven't been able to do that since October last year!!!!!!! The temps has been below zero almost every day since then. I've always washed my cars "by hand". Only once I have used a car wash, but I didn't liked the result, so never again!
Now I'm longing for the spring, and these small lovely beatuties. Perhaps they are under the snow cover, who knows?

 Snowdrops from last year.

Tintin and Bertil.
These two guys are doing their best to help the snow to melt in the sun ;-)


and use the Google Translater ;-)

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