söndag, mars 28, 2010

Blog drought!?

I've come up against some kind of "blog drought" lately =(.
A lot is happening but I've got some kind of writers cramp ( I think). Everything isn't suitable to write about, and my life seems  a little bit samey right now.
We got our house sold - at last, and after that the air kind of went out of me. It has been like a big cloud hanging over us for over a year now, so it is perhaps not surprising that you feel that way.
We have the whole summer to pack and sort things out. The 1st of October is the date we have to leave the house, and sometimes in December (have no definit date) we are able to move in to our new apartment in Förslöv. In the mean time we are going to live in my sister's little cottage.
We are having a new and exciting time ahead of us. Feels strange to move to 73 sqm from 160 that we have now. Kind of compact living for us =)



5 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Ni ser ut som tonåringar :-)

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Ja det är vi ju nästan oxå ;-) Jag är 21 och Bertil 25.

Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Hej Eva med make!
Har ni verkligen fått ert hus sålt?! GRATTIS!! Och snart på väg till ett nytt boende. Jag kan inte annat än önska varmt lycka till!
Kram från kusinen i Stockholm

* M E T T E * sa...

Grattis, det var skönt för er!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Ja det känns verkligen toppen! Konstig tanke på att inte bo här efter oktober, men spännande :)