måndag, november 30, 2009

Sune's 90th Birthday!

Sune is my father-in-law, and yesterday he had his 90th birthday. He had his anniversary celebration at restaurant Hovs Hallar.
We had a nice afternoon with good Christmas food, Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord, and all his relatives were gathered together.

Signe 86, and Sune 90.
If I get that old, I hope that I will be as bright in my brain and "young" in my body and mind as they are. Of course they both have their ailments. Sune's eye sight is bad, he's blind on one eye and Signe has some difficulties to walk because she's broken her legs a couple of times. Otherwise they are healthier than most people at their age.

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Anna sa...

Yet another great picture mom! I think they look so cute together ;-) Imagine that after 65 years everyone!