onsdag, november 18, 2009

Stormy Weather in Skåne!

This afternoon the weather changed rapidly. It has been raining almost the whole day, but in the afternoon it started to blow up, and now we are having a storm passing by.
At about 18.00 the electricity went down and was away for about 30 minutes. Poff, and it became dark as in a sack of coals.
I had to hunt out for a flashlight, and find some tea lights to light. For a minute it became a little bit spooky, but when the tea lights was shining it felt very cosy.
Now the electricity is back again, and all the candles are blown out. The storm is still blowing outside my window, so it’s nice to now that you don’t have to go outside.
Let’s hope for calm and sunny weather tomorrow.

I hope you are having a nice evening!

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