onsdag, juni 03, 2009

What a feeling!!!

Now I've cleaned all the windows in our house. The 'creeps' in my body are gone and I’m just feeling sooo gooood. Some new curtains are hanged up, all dead spiders and other small insects and spider’s web are gone (into the vacuum cleaner).
So tomorrow I’m only going to “Roll my thumbs” – all day long ;-)


2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

What a nice feeling to have that window washing business over with, eh?!!! I like your new curtains.

We got home yesterday from our trip to Kansas City and St Louis, and I am now trying to get my house back in order after the painters. UGH!! All of the floors need several washings to remove all of the dust remaining after they removed the old 'popcorn' ceiling, replastered, and painted. So much work: but it looks so much better!


Camilla sa...

duktigt! här är fönsterna lågprioriterade :-D