söndag, juni 07, 2009

Dog and Worm have got a New Friend

Yes, my small unfailing garden friends have got a new little doggy friend. Don’t know her name. (I’ve decided that it’s a girl).
Can you please help me and my two “old” garden friends, Dog and Worm, to give her a nice name?
The Funny Little man (Gubben) is home with his creator (Anna) to be restored. He needs some new painting in his face. If I remembered it right, I think I told him that he would go on a long spa –and beauty vacation ;-)

What am I going to name Dog and Worm's new girl friend?
A lovely summer bouquet.

Here’s some new garden “art”. I got the birds from my mother as a birthday gift, and the Death Cap I’ve bought my self.


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anna sa...

Vilka fina bilder mamma!