onsdag, maj 20, 2009

Graduation Day for Maria

Today it's Maria's day. She's graduating from the florist school Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola. The course of study has ranged/gone over 40 weeks.
It's also Maria's name day according to the Swedish calender. Her second name after Maria is Karolina.
Congratulatins Maria to both your exams and your name day =)))))
Lots of HUGS for my "little" girl today!!!!
Maria, Karolina Hagbjärn
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4 kommentarer:

* M E T T E * sa...

Grattis till söta Maria!

Maria sa...

kramar tillbaka!

Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Vilken fin bild av din dotter, Eva! Jag förstår att du och Bertil är stolta, och jag sällar mig till gratulanterna.

kusinen i Stockholm

Judy sa...

Congratulations to Maria!!! What a great accomplishment! I can see that I am waaaay behind in reading my blogs! Please excuse me....you know me: always behind! ARGH!!!