lördag, maj 23, 2009

Cleaning Day

Today I've had a real cleaning day. The whole house (nearly) is shining from top to bottom. The only thing I've back to do is cleaning all the windows, and I hate to do that.
Some day, in a near future, I'll pull my self together and do that. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!
I've always liked to do the usual cleaning, but when it comes to the windows I think I'm allergic to clean them. I get "creeps" in my whole body.

I know why I'm so allergic to this window cleaning. The windows are old and I've to polish all four sides, and that's a time-consuming thing to do.
First I've to polish the inside, then I've to open and turn the window up side down, clean the outside, open again, clean between, close and turn it back again.
Now if I'm lucky, there will not be any water left inside the window, and that window is finished.
If I'm unlucky the water will stream from the upper part inside the window, and I've to open, turn, open, polish, close and turn again. Can you feel the "creeps" too?


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Judy sa...

yes: that gives me the creeps too!