onsdag, april 22, 2009

To late =(

I saw this lovely pheasant out through my window late this afternoon. He was standing on top of the little hill and looked so proud and majestic, but before I got my camera out of the bag and in order (change camera lens) he already had started to run away. Buhu!!!!
I went out to see if I could find him someplace out there, and this was what I got into my camera. A little rabbit was also lying out on the field, but he got scared and run away too.

Click on the pictures and they will enlarge.

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Judy sa...

Thanks for the lovely pictures! We never see pheasants here, so your pics are a real treat! I recall our boat trip across Sweden when we saw our first Swedish rabbits....they are what we here in the US would call Jack Rabbits...very large!