måndag, februari 02, 2009

You and I Grandpa!

What's inside the little house?
Grandpa and Tintin are investigating the house...

...and found a small toy animal ;-)

Give me five!

"We are having fun Grandpa", Tintin seems to say. Tintin is only 1½ year old, and he hasn't started to speak - yet. He’s pointing and says “eehe”, to almost everything =). So we just have to guess what he's saying, thinking and want us to do, or what he wants to do.
You and I Grandpa.
Agnes is having a cold (and so is Tintin). She looks a little bit tired, but she's laughing at the crazy lads anyhow =))))))


4 kommentarer:

stephanie sa...

cute photos

john sa...

nice blog

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you both Stephanie and John

john sa...

you're very welcome :)