söndag, februari 15, 2009

About 22 years between the pictures!

This is Maria's My little Ponies and the Big Pony Castle. The picture was taken in May 1987. Maria was six years old and she loved her little ponies very, very much.

A happy little Maria with her collection of ponies.

Yesterday, 14 February 2009 and Valentine's Day, Agnes was here for some hours. I thought that because she was here without her little meddlesome brother Tintin I could take out Aunty Maria's old My Little Pony Castle that Agnes hadn't seen before.
Agnes is just like her Aunty, she loves the small ponies and she almost knows all the ponies’ names.
Hour after hour little Agnes played with Majesty, Firefly, Megan and so on. I just know these names. Perhaps I should try to look on the Internet if I'm able to find out all the little ponies names, or perhaps Maria remember all their names. I think I'll ask her first.

Grandpa Bertil is looking at biathlon (skidskytte) at the TV, and Agnes is playing...

...and playing...

...and playing.
This is fun Grandma, Agnes says =))

4 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Aren't you glad that you saved all of Maria's My Little Ponies....you just never know when someone else will 'need' them! Agnes really seems to be enjoying them!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Yes, I'm glad that I've storaged all this for Maria ;-)


Maria sa...

ahh, the memories :) Too bad I can't remember what they're all called :( I'll have to refresh my memory one of these days.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Well, I didn't thought that you would remember them all, but perhaps some of them =)))
Don't worry, I've spent the whole evening on the Internet, and I've found out all their names.
That wasn't easy I can tell, but now it's done ;-) :-) =)

Kram Eva