måndag, januari 12, 2009


To night I've updated Anna's little web site with some new pictures of the children. Otherwise it looks the same. I made this web site for Anna when I took a Web Design Course/Class in 2003.
Every time that I’m thinking of change something on her site I’m afraid that I’ll do something wrong, so that’s why I don’t make any big changes ;-)
Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to change it a bit more, but nowadays when we are able to have a blog of our own it’s easier to reach out to people anyhow.
The funniest with doing a web site from scratch is the “building” process, and then be able to see what you have achieved. I bought the Microsoft software, Front Page when I made my own little web site “Eva’s lilla nostalgisamling” in 2006, so I don’t use it that very often. That’s a shame, because it wasn’t cheap :-/