tisdag, januari 13, 2009

Two good things!

This morning at about 7.00 am Bertil and I went to Ängelholm’s hospital. It was time for a new MRI examination for him today at 7.55 am. It is three month since the last one.
It’s always a nerve-racking time before we get to know the answer from these MRI’s. It use to take about 1-3 weeks, but today the doctor that Bertil has in Lund called him at 17.30 pm and reported that the MRI looked very good. No change on the tumor at all.
What a relief – for this time anyhow! Now there’s three whole month to the next MRI. Physically he’s feeling just fine. Mentally he’s quite ok too, but of course not all the time. I think he’s thinking about his illness (GBM rate 4) more than he’s telling me. His memory is very bad sometimes, especially when it comes to people and names.
Now we are able to “breathe out” for some weeks.

The second good thing is that I’ve now lost 20 kilograms (44,09 pounds) in nearly exact one year. I keep on eating my LCHF diet and am feeling better than I’ve done in many, many years ;-)
This is the best thing that I’ve ever have done in my whole life, except for having my three lovely kids of cores =)
Hopefully I will lose another 20 kilograms the following year. Then I will have about the same weight as I had 25 years ago. If I don’t lose another 20 kg I have to be more than satisfied anyhow.
A year ago I didn’t thought that this was possible for me. Of cores I won’t LOOK the same as I did 25 years ago if I lose more weight, but hopefully I will feel a little bit younger.


5 kommentarer:

anna sa...

Heja mamma!
Två bra saker att "fira" idag för familjen Hagbjärn :-)Inget hemskt på röntgen och 20 kg borta för alltid!

Judy sa...

Such wonderful news Eva!!!
Yayy for Bertil's good MRI report and Hooray for you and your weight loss! I'm sure you must feel very good both physically AND mentally: just knowing that you did it!! I am so proud of you!

Great pictures of you with Agnes and Tintin....they are both growing up!


Maria sa...

good news indeed!! :D

Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Heja, kusin Eva!
Du blir smalare och smalare - det syns tydligt på fotona av dig. Och det måste märkas på konditionen också, att du inte längre släpar på dessa onödiga tjugo kilon!
Underbart goda nyheter om Bertil! De gör mig verkligen glad.
Kram från The Big City-kusinen

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hallå där Big-City cousin!
Tackar allra ödmjukast för ditt beröm. Själv tycker jag inte att det syns så väldans mycket, men visst känner jag mig mycket lättare. Och visst märks det på konditionen också, det ska inte förnekas.
Fast allt det där är ju ingenting jämfört med att Bertil får må bra.

Kram Eva